Band Members

Roger - Guitars

 Doug - Guitars



Billy - Bass & Vocals

Rick - Drums & Vocals

Penny Road 2018
Pillars of Freedom pics from Tracy Mathesius Photography

Amelia Presley - yes she is a cousin of Elvis!

Huntley 2017
Pillars of Freedom Show @ Penny Road Pub
Honor Flight Network
Rock The Fox Music Fest
Gilberts Festival
Parkside Pub

 Billy gets attacked by giant blue balls!

 Rick wonders, what the heck are those??

 Roger refuses to make eye contact with the killer balls!!

 Billy says, hey you kids get away from those dang darn things!!!

 Billy says, ignore the balls and maybe they will go away...

 Roger confronts one of the balls...

 He decides its better to ignore the balls like Billy said...

 The balls appear to leave and Billy is glad!

 Rick puts his guard down too...

 He still wonders, what the heck were those balls???

 He feels uneasy and thinks there could still be another ball attack...

 Billy feels the balls could still be "lurking" in the corners...

 The balls return and bring friends!!!

 Now there are white balls too!!!!

 Billy wishes he had xray vision so he could blast the balls as Rick turns away...

 Suddenly the balls retreat from the stage...we believe our songs scared them away!

 Roger is happy as the balls seem to leave for good!

 The crowd does not notice a group of balls gathering to the North...

 Nobody suspects a thing...

 Suddenly the balls are everywhere and the crowd looks on in fear...

 Nancy tries to shield Holly from the balls...

 Dickie and Shari don't seem to care about the balls???

 In fact nobody seems to care about the balls anymore!!!!

Saloonatics get to The Point
The Point Dancers & Friends
Gilberts Fest

Ricks Silver Sparkle Gretsch Kit

Recording a demo at Waysound Recording Studio in Fox River Grove, IL.

Roger does some "research" on the Gypsy Queen!

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